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The goal of the ELANCOnline Virtual Academy is to choose digital content providers and learning management systems that allow teachers to facilitate meaningful instruction while being true to the Board-approved curriculum of ELANCO School District as well as the PA Core and Legacy Standards for all subject areas. To that end, we utilize Accelerate Education (K-6) and APEX Learning & Pearson Gradpoint (7-12) as digital curriculum providers, as well as our Garden Spot Secondary Campus learning management system known the Spartan Learning Portal or Canvas (7-12).

At ELANCO, we are continually in the process of evaluating how our outside content providers match with our district curriculum. Canvas is a platform to build and develop digital courses that are designed by ELANCO teachers.  Our teachers use a variety of digital content to create Canvas courses that mirror what is being taught in our brick-and-mortar classroom. These courses are then adapted to provide students with the same experience in a strictly online setting. Moving forward, we hope to offer more locally designed and managed Canvas courses.

Below are the K-12 course catalogs for ELANCO Virtual Programs, Accelerate Education, and APEX Learning that show a clear picture of the breadth of what each provider offers. However, as a District we are limited through teacher availability by what we can offer to students 7-12, so below is a listing of courses by subject area for reference.

Should you have any specific questions about digital curriculum, what we offer, and/or why we offer what we do, please contact Mr. Curt McCaskey, Coordinator of Non-Traditional Programs and Student Services at