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Policies & Procedures

Attendance and late work are handled differently when students are enrolled in the virtual academy.  As an on-site ELANCOnline student, attendance is handled just like students in the building.  The student comes to school every day; the student must provide excuse notes when not here; there are excused versus illegal absences; and there are 10-day letters with doctor note only (secondary students only).  However, if the student is doing the at home option (elementary and some secondary students), attendance is based on work completion.  

For example, the online work week is considered Sunday to Saturday at midnight so if less than 60% of work due in one week is submitted, it gets entered as an illegal absence.  Four illegal absences results in a citation and an appearance before our municipal judge n if under 17 years of age.  If 18 or older, 10 consecutive days of not doing any work results in being dropped from the rolls in ELANCO School District.  In terms of late work, the online teachers understand that there are instances when work is late (i.e. illness, travel, death in the family, etc.).  However, when those instances occur, the student must email the teacher and let him/her know of the circumstances and failure to email the teacher will result in a “0” entered for the assignment.  

Please consult the K-12 Attendance & Late Work Policy, the EOL Student Code of Conduct, as well as the K-12 ELANCOnline Handbook below for more detailed information on attendance, late work, different online learning options, mid-term and final exam policies, as well as other important operational information.

A virtual academy student is expected to know and understand the code of conduct and is held to its standards whether an at-home or on-site student.  Therefore, any secondary student doing ELANCOnline will be required to agree to the Code of Conduct.