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About Us

Welcome to ElancOnline!

ElancOnline is the virtual learning experience provided by the Eastern Lancaster County School District.

ElancOnline is for students who:

  • Are in grades K-12 and are motivated and willing to take responsibility for their learning and have engaged guardians/parents.
  • Learn quickly OR need time for additional practice. The student determines the pace. At-risk students who need special attention receive the assistance they require.
  • Are currently residents in Eastern Lancaster County, who like the online flexibility, and who:
    • would like the opportunity to earn a diploma from Garden Spot High School.
    • enjoy the curricular and extracurricular advantages of being a student in ELANCO School District.
    • would like the opportunity to have face-to-face interactions with teachers and home technology support.
    • would like to have access to academic counseling and guidance when applying to post-secondary opportunities.

Please visit our Contact Us page to request more information about ElancOnline or to find out how to speak with an EOL Representative.

History of ELANCOnline

ElancOnline was developed in 2011 to provide a quality virtual education experience for the students attending Garden Spot High School. Over the past several years, our program has expanded to serve all K-12 students in the Eastern Lancaster County School District. We do our best to match our online curriculum with the curriculum that is taught in our schools.