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For learners and families who have interest in exploring the exciting opportunities provided by the EOL program, please contact the appropriate Lead Teacher:


The enrollment and orientation process, once learners and families decide to take advantage of the virtual program offerings, is as follows:

Schedule an Orientation Meeting

  • Interested learners will schedule an orientation meeting with their assigned school counselor, the appropriate Lead Teacher based on their grade and an assigned teacher mentor.

Complete the SmarterMeasure Assessment

  • Before the orientation meeting, learners should complete the SmarterMeasure online readiness assessment. The readiness assessment is not an entrance exam, but provides vital information for the learner, family and school to assist in crafting an online experience that fits the individual needs of the learner.

Orientation Meeting

  • During the orientation meeting, the learner, parent(s), school counselor, and lead teacher will discuss:
    • The policies and procedures of the ELANCOnline program
    • The expectations and responsibilities of the learner, family, and EOL program
    • Course registration and choice of elective opportunities
    • Creating a custom fit to ensure that the virtual program is a good fit for the learner and family

Enrollment Deadlines:

  • Middle School: Enrollment occurs at the quarter change.
  • High School: Enrollment occurs at the semester change.
  • New enrollments are not accepted after the first two weeks of the quarter (Middle School) or semester (High School), unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • Learners have a 14 day trial period for courses and virtual learning once they have started.


For Non-ELANCO School District Students: If your child is not currently enrolled in the ELANCO School District but is interested in ELANCOnline, you must first register with the district. Contact Ms. Nicole Hoffa at (717) 354-1142 or via email at More information about district enrollment can be found on the ELANCO School District website.