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Learners who are interested in joining the EOL program must schedule an orientation meeting with the learner’s assigned school counselor and Lead Teacher - Lisa Zimmerman (K-6), Bill Swinsburg (7-9), or Zach Fulmer (10-12). The learner should complete the SmarterMeasure online readiness assessment in advance. The learner, parent(s), school counselor and lead teacher will then engage in dialogue about the policies and procedures of the program and the fit of the virtual academy for the learner before he/she is enrolled. If approved, the learner will then be registered into the appropriate courses. EOL enrollment occurs at the quarter change for middle school and at the semester change for high school. There are no new EOL enrollments after the first two weeks of the quarter (MS) or semester (HS), unless there are extenuating circumstances. Learners have 14 days to drop EOL courses once the course has started.

If your son/daughter is not currently an ELANCO School District student but has an interest in ELANCOnline, you need to first register your son/daughter in the District with Ms. Nicole Hoffa, who can be reached at (717) 354-1142 or email at More information regarding enrollment in the ELANCO School District can be found on the ELANCO SD Website.

Questions about the ELANCOnline Virtual Academy can be directed to the appropriate EOL Lead Teacher:

Lisa Zimmerman: Grades K-6 - or 484-558-0468

Bill Swinsburg: Grades 7-9 -

Zach Fulmer: Grade 10-12 -