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EOL Staff

The ELANCOnline Virtual Academy has a comprehensive team of faculty and staff members dedicated to ensuring that your learner's online experience is as positive as possible.  We pride ourselves on first rate customer service and believe that “it’s the people not the program”.  The administration, school counselors, school psychologists, teachers, and support personnel who will work with your learner are second to none and are committed to the goals of virtual programing in ELANCO School District.

The ELANCOnline Virtual Academy has a team of teachers fully dedicated to online learning. The team provides a local and personal touch to online learning as both content expert and academic mentor for full-time online students.

ELANCOnline Teachers

  • Brad Borremans - Social Studies
  • Stephanie Bowers - Special Education
  • Zach Fulmer - Computer Science
  • Julie Groft - Health & Physical Education
  • Beth Love - English Language Arts
  • Rachel Stern - Science
  • Johanna Stoltzfus - Grades K-3
  • Bill Swinsburg - Science
  • Curtis Waltman - Mathematics
  • Mrs. Lisa Zimmerman - Grades 4-6


In addition to the team of full-time teachers, ELANCO school district supports the virtual program with a team of additional staff members who are eager to support your learner in their educational journey.


  • Gail Ertzgard - Business
  • Brad Harris - Business
  • Matt Hawkins - Spanish
  • Bob Schneider - Social Studies
  • Kayla Straub - Science
  • Katie Swinehart - Mathematics
  • David Trok - Social Studies
  • Tonia Trovinger - English Language Arts
  • Ann Williams - English Language Arts